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The "Wave" Connection: Danteh

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

Danteh, a prolific DPS main, has played on the USA World Cup Team and as a member of the San Francisco Shock in the Inaugural Overwatch League season. As a wonderful favor to me, he has graciously volunteered to be my first interview for the Herald!

Pictured: Danteh (formerly) of the San Francisco Shock.

Waver: How did you get into playing Overwatch professionally?

Danteh: I got offered a tryout for Denial.

W: What made you choose DPS?

D: I was originally an off tank player but then I moved to DPS because it was more fun. You get to do cool stuff and frag out.

W: What do you plan to do after pro gaming?

D: No clue.

W: Describe the inaugural Overwatch League season in one word:

D: I think I would have to say “fun”.

W: Are you staying with Shock?

D: We haven’t been told about our season 2 stuff yet. (It is now confirmed that he has been traded to the Houston Outlaws)

W: What are you excited for this next season?

D: I’m excited to play with my new teammates.

W: What state are your wrists currently in?

D: Good condition

W: What one thing would you tell Jeff to make the game better?

D: Role queue. I don’t think we have that right now, even though we have the looking for group feature. I think it will make more balanced games.

W: How fast can you type?

D: Like 100 words per minute or something.

W: What do you think of the current meta? Favorites, least favorites?

D: Don’t know about the current meta because I’m not scrimming right now. But my favorite is Tracer/Genji or Tracer/Sombra.

W: What do you suggest to players wanting to improve in the game?

D: Practice and watch other good players. I practiced a lot and played a lot of Aimtastic.

W: Have you ever been bitten by a hornet?

D: Wut? They bite?

W: How do you feel about the attention OWL has given you from the gaming community?

D: Fun. I love competing and entertaining people; it seems like I really impact a lot of people. It’s a huge feelsgoodman.

W: Do you think your high school crush would date you now if they knew about the Overwatch League?

D: No, because she’s probably across the country

W: That’s the only reason?

D: I mean yeah, everyone’s committed to their own lives.

W: How does being a pro player affect your social life?

D: I’ve met a lot of awesome people and I’m thankful for it.

Do you have a suggestion for an interview, or a question you are dying to ask an Overwatch professional? Let me know! DM: waverlynx@5912


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