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Overwatch news: Winter wonderland 2018 announced

The Winter Wonderland 2018 event has been announced for December 11th to January 2nd! We're excited to see the holiday themed maps and skins especially Blizzard World!


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Dear Awanei, How did the server start? Why did you start it? What was your goal? How did you first add people? Hey! The server started back in January, when Haxican and myself were playing on an Open

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As you know, this community is quite the odd bunch. Here are the top fifteen out of context quotes for September 2018. 15. I don’t think I can send a sammich as an attachment 14. Bras are basically li

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Art3mis, a long time member of the server is the Spotlight member for October's issue! Some of you may know her as the one who handed out your invite to the server, or as your team captain if you are

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