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HoA: Out of Context

As you know, this community is quite the odd bunch. Here are the top fifteen out of context quotes for September 2018.

15. I don’t think I can send a sammich as an attachment

14. Bras are basically like junkrat traps

13. I’m also chewing gum and reading fanfictions. So I'm like, mostly screaming, but sometimes choking on gum which is fun

12. Sorry no that was such a bad joke I’m literally ashamed I hope I get set on fire

11. My hair is straight, even though I'm not.

10. I’m mostly wanting to just wallow today and eat ice cream and drink wine and pour wine in my ice cream and then drink my ice cream wine.

9. Help I just cut myself on a dishwasher

8. Excuse me, my kitchen is slightly on fire

7. There are dead chicks in my fridge, like next to the milk

6. This is biphobic. 8 new sprays but only 4 spray wheel slots? I've never felt so oppressed..

5. Lexi never got her string cheese, so she's gonna do some cannibalism

4. I look like Draco Malfoy took up binge eating

3. My biggest downfall as a lover or a partner is that I cannot work with milk

2. Australia is a cover up for one of the greatest mass murders in history

1. It sounds perfect until I have to go like "yo, girl, scoot, I need to check the fucking lasagna"


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