Code of conduct

Laws of the Land

  1. Hunters of Artemis is a safe space for people of all sexes and genders and sexual preferences.

  2. Drop a line in the #introductions channel on Discord when you join, so we get to know you a little better.

  3. If you want to invite someone to the server, they have to fill out the same application you did. The link can be found here.

  4. If you have an issue, please use the below chain of command to escalate the complaint.

Escalating a Complaint or Social Issue

First point of contact: Team Captains @Team Captain

  • use them to moderate issues you are having with players on your team.

  • Even if you have a Mod on your team who is NOT Team Captain, it is the Team Captain who handles team/player issues

Second Point of Contact: Mods @Demigods (Mods) 

  • use them for issues you encounter in the server channels (not team channels) 

  • Team Captains can escalate an issue to a Mod is they feel it is necessary or are unsure of how to handle it


Last Point of Contact: Admins @Goddesses (Admins)

  • Mods can bring the Admins in on issues that they have been unable to resolve or are unsure how to handle.

  • If a Mod/Team Captain has an issue with another Mod/Team Captain, please talk to the Admins in a DM


If you have an issue with Tryouts, contact a Tryout Officer @Tryouts Officers

Rules, Warnings, Bans System

The mods will discuss if an action or comment is actionable. If they believe it is not in line with our values of inclusion and healthy discussion, we will issue a warning or ban to the person or people involved.


  1. 1st warning: may be accompanied by a one-day time out depending on the severity of the situation

  2. 2nd warning: three-day time out

  3. 3rd warning: your status on this server will be re-evaluated, with discussion of a ban


  • A month after a single warning, it will be taken off of your record

  • If you incur two warnings within the same month, they will remain on record but will be taken out of the ban equation after a three month probation period from the last warning.


Warnings will be issued for:

  • Advertising boosting services or account selling

  • Gossiping or ranting in a team channel about other server members (keep it to pms if necessary please!)

  • Minor aggression or harassment towards other members

  • NSFW content

  • Swearing at another member/showing intentional aggression

Bannable offences:

  • Any sort of slur (racial, homophobic, sexist, etc.)

  • Bullying or targeting another member

  • Threatening another member/player or wishing death/injury on them (ex: "kys")

  • Verbally attacking or being extremely aggressive towards another member


  • Any sort of slur (racial, homophobic, sexist, etc.)

  • Threatening another member/player or wishing death/injury on them (ex: "kys")

Team attendance policy

You are EXPECTED to give your Team Captain 12 hours notice about any pre-scheduled events.


You are EXPECTED to let your Team Captain know if anything comes up last minute and you are going to be late or absent for that day's practice.


This is expected because it helps your Captain and your Coach plan practice objectives and scrims. It gives them time to find subs if needed, or to cancel in a respectful time frame.


It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to ping your Captain after practice to let them know why you were not in attendance.


For those people thinking "well what about traffic? Sometimes I am late because of that!", you should message your Captain the night before and say "I may be late tomorrow if traffic is bad".


If you are main roster and you have two unexplained absences in a row, you will be moved to a sub spot.


If you are a sub and have two unexplained absences in a row, you will be removed from the team and be assigned the Seeker role.


Subs are EXPECTED to show up to every practice, just like the Main Roster. If you do not think you will have the time to commit to being on a team, you are welcome to step down from a team and rejoin when you have more time. This is meant to make sure that the players on the teams are respectful of everyone else's time and can fulfil the commitment they make when they join an HOA team.

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